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Life and LIberty for Women
Life and Liberty for Women is a new 501C nonprofit organization dedicated to aggressive abortion rights education.
Life and Liberty for Women Proudly affirms that Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in this country, correctly and morally balanced the right to life and liberty of woman and fetus.
Life and Liberty for Women believes that potential life is entitled to quality of life and it's never wrong or immoral for a woman to conclude that she can't provide that for her child or that she cannot give up her child for adoption.
We vow to honestly, proactively, and radically defend Roe vs. Wade.
Peggy defends women's right to abortion in the Colorado state legislature
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Life and Liberty for Women
PO Box 271778
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Is it the intent of anti-abortion extremists to ban all abortions?
Of course.
And does their intent involve another method of banning
abortions other than overturning Roe vs. Wade?
One strategy is to ban abortion procedures one procedure at a time
which would effectively make abortion illegal.
They begin with the so-called partial-birth abortion or the D&X ban. While that procedure ban will be passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush before the end of 2003 and while it will be challenged immediately in court as unconstitutional because of a lack of a health exception and because it effects second trimester pre-viable abortions protected by Roe, it is perfectly clear their intent isn't to ban just this procedure but to ban all.   On October 1, 2003 Rep. Chris Smith, R-New Jersey, a rabid anti-abortion extremist said on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives: "I think the logical among us...will begin connecting the dots and saying if it is so horrific to kill a baby with partial-birth abortion, why is suction okay? {the most common 1st trimester abortion procedure} Why is D&E and all other methods that are no less gruesome but a little bit more invisible because they do not happen as a partial-birth abortion..."

Life and Liberty for Women will:
• Utilize graphic and emotional pictures that depict the horrific sights and sounds of illegal abortion to educate the generations who have grown up since Roe vs. Wade.
Courageously engage in counter-demonstrations, displaying on the street corner those graphic sights of illegal abortion.
Educate post-Roe generations that the only right and moral way to protect the life of women determined and desperate to terminate their unintended pregnancies - whether abortion is legal or not - is to combine accessible, safe, legal abortion services with abstinent-based age appropriate comprehensive sex education - more birth control research - greater birth control availability - and greater male responsibility in pregnancy prevention.

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