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Life and Liberty for Women
What Life and Liberty for Women Will Do

I believe in and respect my sister abortion rights organizations. It is imperative for current abortion rights organizations to continue to work through the legislative and electoral process, beating back and staving off restrictions on women's right to access safe and legal abortion as best they can. They have to do what they can to protect Roe from a fatal blow by the religious right anti-abortion extremists. Let me make clear that I have no intention of duplicating the electoral or legislative work that NARAL and Planned Parenthood do. They do that vital work with an expertise I could never duplicate. In fact, I will continue to support their work with my dollars and my volunteer time.
However, I hold no illusions about the skepticism of my own abortion rights movement in my "radical" approach, my message, forthrightness, or the language I will use about abortion rights. I have already experienced such in varying degrees. But that is okay.
I view the current abortion rights organization's response to me as predictable, especially in a time when Roe vs. Wade is under such siege both at the federal and state level and their resources are stretched to the maximum. I'll
be tolerated and someday, I am sure, I'll be welcomed into the fold, because my gut tells me that I am right - absolutely right about what I am doing.
If Life and Liberty for Women is successful, current abortion rights organizations will be able to expand their base of support without giving away the right to life and liberty of either a woman or fetus, without placing any woman's health and life at risk, and without giving one inch of ground to anti-abortion extremists.
In addition, should Life and Liberty for Women find success, then we can move toward a victory never before seen - poor women, of all races, having the same access to abortion and contraceptive services as their more well off sisters. Ricki Solinger, in Abortion Wars, A Half Century of Struggle, 1950-2000, 1998, said "The task before us is to revitalize a vast feminist movement so that women's determination can be exercised in a climate that honors the relationship between reproductive autonomy and citizenship rights for each and every female."
That's when we'll know we've truly succeeded.

So how exactly will Life and Liberty for Women accomplish their mission?

Life and Liberty for Women must utilize frank, progressive, and aggressive messages. Those messages will inform and promote an understanding by women and men about the history of abortion rights and the current status and threats by anti-abortion extremists against the right and access to safe and legal abortion. Those messages will promote an understanding by women and men of the consequences of illegal abortion to women's health and life, the morality and correctness of balancing of life and liberty of a woman and fetus. Those messages will also promote an understanding by women and men of the necessity of comprehensive age-appropriate sex education, contraceptive availability, and the necessity of taking personal responsibility when deciding to be sexually active.
Life and Liberty for Women must also educate and challenge men to become more responsible in the sex act, more responsible in pregnancy and disease prevention. Over and
over again I hear men and women both saying that women who don't want to be pregnant should simply say no and abstain. And they express no sympathy for a woman who engages in a sex act, particularly outside of marriage, for just the pleasure of sexual gratification itself, without contraceptive forethought. Yet, these same individuals do not hold men to the same standard of accountability and that's wrong, unfair, and immoral.
It's a fact that when used consistently and correctly, condoms are 98% effective in the prevention of pregnancy. So if every man, married or not, engaging in a sex act in which he didn't want to become a father as a result, correctly used a condom, just think about how many less unintended pregnancies would be occurring. Men must be held accountable for their engagement in each and every sex act in which they do not correctly us a condom!

The fact is all women, of any socioeconomic class and any
race are good moral beings who make good moral decisions.

Life and Liberty for Women must confront and challenge the shame the anti-abortion movement has left women feeling about legal abortion and their right to life and liberty. We must challenge the anti-abortion extremist position that fetuses have a right to life and liberty over a woman from conception to birth. No exceptions. Ever.
Life and Liberty for Women must also challenge the rhetoric from the religious right extremists that says that women are not good moral beings making good moral decisions when they decide to terminate an unintended pregnancy consistent with their right to do so, clearly outlined in Roe vs. Wade.
The fact is, potential life is entitled to quality of life. The fact is, it's not immoral or wrong for
any woman to decide that she cannot provide for her child the quality of life her child deserves.
It also isn't wrong or immoral for a woman to determine that she cannot give up her child for adoption.
And finally, it isn't wrong or immoral for a woman to determine that terminating her pregnancy is right, moral, and consistent with her own set of values and her conscience.
Finally, Life and Liberty for Women must promote women and men's understanding that it is essential, right and moral for public policy to stand front and center and fulfill its obligation and responsibility.

Public policy must honor every woman's right
to make her own reproductive decisions

Public policy must not make any judgements about the morality of abortion because the determination of when life begins is not a function of public policy. Public policy must honor every woman's right to make her own reproductive decisions, make her own judgement about when life begins, in alignment with her own set of religious and moral values. Public policy does so by seeing to the legality, safety, and accessibility to all three options to an unintended pregnancy: parenting, adoption, and abortion.
A strong mass media and community presence with progressive messages declaring, without shame, with great pride, the morality of legal abortion and contraceptive availability and use and the immorality of illegal abortion, is a must if Roe vs. Wade is to survive. Such a strategy, I believe, will move a majority of the public back to a strong belief and commitment to keeping abortion safe and legal, today, tomorrow, and forever.
Peggy E. Loonan
Founder and Executive Director,
Life and Liberty for Women

I am determined and dedicated to the restoration of women's belief, pride, and support for their right to life and liberty, their right to safe and legal abortion.

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