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Colorado Statesman
Selected Letters to the Editor
Committee okays parental notification, waiting period for abortions
by Thomas S. Higgins, March 20, 1998
Amendments 11 & 12 put the health and lives of Colorado women and teens at risk
by Peggy Loonan, October 23, 1998
Owens sold his soul to the devil and the women in rural Colorado were the sacrificial lambs
by Peggy Loonan, August 20, 1999
Gov. Owens is hiding behind Ms. Norton's skirts for political cover
by Peggy Loonan, September 3, 1999
Colorado's Democratic and Republican State Chairmen weigh in on the controversial subject of funding for Planned Parenthood
by Tim Knaub and Bob Beauprez, October 15, 1999
Owens has distorted the voters' intent
by Peggy Loonan, October 29, 1999
Governor Owens: Stop Planned Parenthood's illegal taxpayer supported ABORTION RACKET
by Chuck Gosnell, April 13, 2001
The Christian Coalition and Rep. Dave Schultheis should publicly retract false allegations against Planned Parenthood
by Peggy Loonan, May 11, 2001
Protesting teens at Halloween Hell House were in danger themselves - where were their parents?
by Peggy Loonan, October 19, 2001
A kinder, gentler Planned Parenthood? More like a rabid dog looking for a treat
by Chuck Gosnell, November 9, 2001
The Christian Coalition's behavior is unconscionable, libelous and morally bankrupt
by Peggy Loonan, November 23, 2001
Ms. Loonan's hysterical defense of Planned Parenthood goes against will of the people
by Dave Schultheis, December 7, 2001
State Public Health & Environment's action is an attack on Planned Parenthood
by Gorsuch Kirgis LLP, December 7, 2001
Only desperate men resort to calling intelligent reasonable women "hysterical"
by Peggy Loonan, December 28, 2001
Sorry, but defending abortion is indefensible
by Dave Schultheis, January 25, 2002
No integrity is necessary to accuse PP of "making a mint" providing safe abortions
by Peggy Loonan, February 8, 2002
Governor: what you will do about this willful violation of both the spirit and letter of Colorado law?
by Peggy Loonan, March 1, 2002
Pro-life Catholic Church has lost its right to speak about abortion after their self-serving cover-up of priests
by Peggy Loonan, June 28, 2002
Moral authority of abortionists open to question
by State Rep. Dave Schultheis, July 12, 2002
Problem with pro-choice movement is that it always leads down a path of destruction - Ms. Loonan is at forefront
by Peter Droege, August 2, 2002
Schultheis deliberately misleads the reader by passing off his personal beliefs as an accurate rendering of the law
by Peggy Loonan, August 9, 2002
For God, a woman has an absolute right to life over a fetus, conception to birth
by Julie Maslowski, August 16, 2002
Pro-abortion supports don't want anyone to see that the fingers and toes...
by Leslie Hanks, October 11, 2002
Advice to Leslie Hanks, face the reality of illegal abortion, sell your glass house, and quit whining
by Peggy Loonan, November 15, 2002
Current language of the "choice" movement fails to protect poor women's right to abortion
by Julie Maslowski, January 17, 2003   your donations are greatly appreciated