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Loveland Reporter Herald
Selected Letters to the Editor
Abortion is not a government issue
by Peggy Loonan, May 3-4, 1997
Government can stop abortions
by Patrick J. Slattery Jr., May 28, 1997
Science fact: Life begins at fertilization
by Richard A. Grimler, January 24, 2001
Differentiating abortion 'rights'
by Jerry Myre, January 26, 2001
Men also accountable for parenthood
by Peggy Loonan, February 1, 2001
Sticking by opinions on abortion, choice
by Jerry Myre, February 6, 2001
Intellectual honesty' is only part of issue
by Richard A. Grimler, February 28, 2001
Name of women's group hypocritical
by Jim Brien, March 1, 2001
Real adults have mastered life's lessons
by Dave Snyder, March 7, 2001
Morality should guide abortion decisions
by Peggy Loonan, March 14, 2001
Abortion foes are dishonest in remarks
by Julie Hall, April 20, 2001
Roe v. Wade correctly balances right to life
by Peggy Loonan, April 26, 2001
Society of shame kills its most vulnerable
by Richard A. Grimler
Abortion remains termination of life
by Richard A. Grimler, April 26, 2001
Bible clearly proves life before birth
by Charles Preston, May 2, 2001
Abortion argument not square with Bible
by Robert S. Morse, May 4, 2001
Life and liberty of woman and fetus
by Julie Hall, May 23, 2001
Incurring an eye for an eye; a life for a life
by Peggy Loonan, May 30, 2001
Abortion still takes the lives of potential human beings
by Richard A. Grimler, June 13, 2001
Semantic arguments matter much less than chance to live
by Richard A. Grimler, August 13, 2001
Stances make 'pro-lifers' hypocrites under close scrutiny
by Julie Hall, August 26, 2001
Quality of life can't be predetermined
by Annie Harmon, December 24, 2001
Gov. Owen's altering of the people's will means more abortions, deaths
by Peggy Loonan, January 3, 2002
Governor wisely pulls tax money from abortion shell game
by John P. Kelly, January 11, 2002 Planned Parenthood
by Julie Maslowski, January 20, 2002
Bush administration tries an end-around with abortion laws
by Peggy Loonan, February 17, 2002
Unborn children are human and have inalienable rights
by William Schnell, February 27, 2002
Anti-abortion letter misquoted, misrpresented
by Julie Maslowski, March 7, 2002
Statements on fetuses not found in Exodus 22
by Pat Slattery, March 20, 2002
Anti-abortionists distort biblical precepts to fit rhetoric
by Peggy Loonan, March 30, 2002
Catholic Church's policy on abortion hypocritical
by Peggy Loonan, June 27, 2002
Pro-abortion letter matches unrelated issues
by Joyce Atayde, July 1, 2002
Arguments don't change fact that abortion is wrong
by Erika Bruning, July 11, 2002
Lesser writer misses point of Catholic Church problems
by Barbara Martin, July 18, 2002
Church lacks authority to condemn abortion
by Julie Maslowski, July 31, 2002
Abortion, scandal related
by Paul Boyne, August 2, 2002
Abortion takes away our unalienable rights
by John Abegg, August 7, 2002
Abortion law clarifies moral authority
by Peggy Loonan, August 16, 2002
God's laws transcend all laws enacted by mankind
by Erika Bruning, August 24, 2002
Bible verses offer no real stance against abortion
by Julie Maslowski, September 23, 2002
Scripture incorrectly used to support abortion view
by Paul Boyne, September 26, 2002
Roe v. Wade is in line with God's laws in the Bible
by Peggy Loonan, October 7, 2002
Issues of technicality limit responsibility for life
by Robert S. Morse, October 14, 2002
What sort of choice is murder?
by Tim Garrett, October 25, 2002
Understanding God's words requires open mind
by Erika Bruning, November 12, 2002
Taking breath with nostrils symbolizes life's beginning
by Julie Maslowski, November 13, 2002
Abortion, the Bible and original Hebrew, Part I
by Robert S. Morse, November 27, 2002
Abortion, the Bible and original Hebrew, Part II
by Peggy Loonan, November 27, 2002
Giving liberty means giving life, not death
by James Smith, November 28, 2002
Christianity is just not compatible with abortion
by Rev. Steven Schlei, December 2, 2002
Religious bias has no place in debates on public welfare
by Sam Nordstrom, December 2, 2002
There should be no such thing as an unwanted child
by Paul Boyne, December 4, 2002
Letter writers lied; God in fact killed innocent humans in womb
by Julie Maslowski, December 19, 2002
God alone has power to kill and 'make alive'
by Robert S. Morse, December 26, 2002
Clarifications to add to the abortion debate
by Peggy Loonan, January 2, 2003
Stopping unintended pregnancies first step
by Peggy Loonan
Real men must admit abortion should exist
by Peggy Loonan
Can't have it both ways with abortion
by Patrick Slattery   your donations are greatly appreciated