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A drama presented by Life and Liberty for Women
"Abortion's Silenced Legacy" seeks to dispel the many myths about illegal abortion, a time now considered to be ancient history by the women and men who have grown up with legal contraceptives and legal abortion. Creating an emotional bond between those generations of women and men and the way life was pre-Roe, begins with graphic pictures and language about illegal abortion that will stir up emotions inside them about desperate and determined women who self-aborted and died.
Anti-abortion pictures and baby-killing rhetoric have pushed the stories and pictures of women hurt and dead from illegal abortion out of sight and hence out of mind, leaving abortion rights supporters feeling guilty and ashamed for believing that women, not just fetuses have a right to life and liberty. Out of sight out of mind has left post-Roe generations without a reason to believe any threat to legal abortion is looming around the corner.
"Abortion's Silenced Legacy" speaks to the caring doctors and midwives who went underground and did their best with little formal training in surgical abortion to help desperate and determined women safely terminate their pregnancies. And it speaks to the police raids upon doctors doing safe but illegal abortions, the public trials, and the loss of medical confidentiality for women.
And finally, this drama recognizes the courageous caring doctors who choose to
The Spirit of Abortion's Silenced Legacy
provide safe abortion services for women today in spite of acts of violence by anti-abortion extremists against their clinics, despite harassment of their patients, the deaths of several of their peers and clinic staff, threats against their own lives, and the relentless protests at their homes by anti-abortion extremists.

Through our characters, "The Spirit of Abortion's Silenced Legacy",
Dr. Smith and the elderly Mrs. Jones the audience is taken
back to relive the sights and sounds of illegal abortion.

Some excerpts from our script
Introduction by Peggy Loonan
Part 1
The Spirit of Abortions Silenced Legacy introduces Dr. Smith
Dr. Smith tells her story
Part 2
The Spirit of Abortions Silenced Legacy introduces Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones tells her story
Part 3
The Spirit of Abortions Silenced Legacy concludes the story
Final words from Peggy Loonan
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