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The Spirit of Abortions Silenced Legacy concludes the story
Turn to face Dr. Smith
Dr. Smith isn't a baby killer. She's a good moral being and a caring doctor who understands that a desperate and determined need for all women to decide for themselves if, when, and how many children they will have will lead them to circumvent a law that criminalizes abortion with dangerous and deadly consequences to themselves and their families.
Dr. Smith knows there are things in life she has the power to change and affect and things she cannot and she has the wisdom to know the difference.
She knows she can save women's lives by helping them safely terminate their unintended unwanted pregnancies and she tries to help women plan their families and help them prevent unintended pregnancies.
Despite great peril to herself and her family, Dr. Smith does what she knows is the only right and moral thing to do. She is indeed a heroine.

Turn to face Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones is one woman and she is all women. She's every woman who has and every woman who will struggle to be in control of their own fertility, no matter the risks. It is that vital to her very being and to her struggle for equality. She is brave, she is scared, and she too is a good moral being who will make the best decision possible for herself, her family, and the potential life she is responsible for - a law against such be damned.
In me, the Spirit of Abortion's Silenced Legacy, is all women who faced illegal abortion.
If I have to - if you need me one day soon to be with you when you face an illegal abortion, alone on your bathroom floor or in the care of someone like Dr. Smith, I will be there for you. I will be there to share your pain, fear, and desperation. I will hold your hand in a public trial, share your humiliation at the exposure of your most intimate sexual self, cry with you, bleed with you and cradle your maimed bloodied bodies in my arms as you suffer and die.   your donations are greatly appreciated