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The Spirit of Abortions Silenced Legacy introduces Dr. Smith
I'm the Spirit of Abortion's Silenced Legacy. I'm your mother, your sister, your daughter, and your granddaughter.
I have existed since the beginning of time.
Embodied, entrusted, and entrapped inside of me are the silenced screams of millions of desperate women the world around determined to control their destiny who lost their lives to illegal abortion.
I share their pain, their fear, and their desperation.
I held their hand as they were forced to testify in a public trial against a caring doctor who safely terminated a pregnancy that they would have terminated someway somehow no matter the risk to their life.
I comforted them as their medical confidentially was destroyed so their abortion provider could be convicted. I shared the humiliation they endured as their private sexual life was laid open in the public square.

I cried with them. I bled with them.
I cradled their maimed bloodied bodies in my arms as they suffered and died.
Some because they sought dark back alley opportunists - but most crumpled on their own bathroom floor or in a hospital emergency room having been desperate and determined enough to self-abort - like Gerri - a beautiful mother of two daughters who died in June of 1964 on a dirty cold and impersonal motel room floor, alone, abandoned by her boyfriend after their attempt to self-abort went terribly wrong.
I cradled her as she desperately tried to stop the bleeding - I shook with the horrible fear she felt - I became prostrate with the pain she was enduring - I was overwhelmed by her realization that she was dying.
This is the legacy of illegal abortion - having been too long silenced - but no more will I be silent. No more will others be silent.

TURN TO DR SMITH - Introduction
Before Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, hundreds of caring doctors across the country became abortion providers like Dr. Smith. Before World War II a number of abortion providers served women for twenty, thirty, forty years or more completely unimpeded by the law. In many communities their name and address, as was Dr. Smith's, was well known by both women who might need their services, police and politicians who regarded their presence as a public health asset.
But after World War II abortion providers, especially women like Dr. Smith, presumed by law enforcement to be unskilled, untrained, and unprotected in comparison to their male-counterparts, were arrested, convicted, and sent to jail, even when there was no evidence of a botched abortion.
Dr. Smith braved the many perils of illegal abortion, just before World War II and thereafter, performing this medical procedure in secret and like some of her colleagues, endured police raids, public trials, and went to jail again and again but never wavered in her determination, as did her colleagues, to provide safe abortion services for thousands upon thousands of desperate and determined women. AND thankfully, these skilled and caring doctors never wavered in their belief that what they were doing was right and moral.
Dr. Smith is a true heroine.
Dr. Smith, like hundreds of other good caring doctors across the country, could not in good conscience stand-by and watch determined and desperate women die from self-induced abortions when they could safely terminate their pregnancies for them, albeit it in secret and albeit illegal.
Listen to her story - it's moving - it's heartbreaking - it's the reality of illegal abortion.

(Dr. Smith performs her/his script - then when Dr. Smith is finished - The Spirit of Abortion's Silenced Legacy speaks again in Part 2.)   your donations are greatly appreciated