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Final Words from Peggy Loonan
Abortion's Silenced Legacy - is powerful - it is sad and it is compelling. But it is about history.
Today many of those who have grown up since Roe vs. Wade, with safe and legal abortion and a wide range of contraceptives, cannot fathom anyone ever taking this right away from them - that such could ever happen in their lifetime.
The pain and tragedy suffered and endured by these women, men, families and doctors from our past, who went to jail and were maimed and died before Roe, paved the way for Roe vs. Wade. Without their bravery, sacrifices, outcries, and their willingness to wage the fight on a day-to-day basis, we would not have won the battle for safe and legal abortion and contraceptives.
Peggy E. Loonan
Founder and Executive Director
Life and Liberty for Women

But remember - what can be won - can also be lost

In the 1992 movie Rain Without Thunder, the year 2045 is depicted.
In this movie Abortion and all forms of birth control that are not barrier in nature are illegal, including the birth control pill, IUDS, Depro Prevera, and Norplant.
In this movie, the Abortion Rights Movement is being lead by the "Atwood" Society - which failed in preventing the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. The Atwood Society had adopted a more conservative cautious approach to protecting and then trying to win back the right to safe abortion, just as the current day abortion rights movement has.
In this futuristic movie, the current leader of the "Atwood" Society said this, "The old Roe vs. Wade Case - which permitted women the right to legal termination nationwide - wasn't dramatically overturned by anyone judicial ruling. - Instead the Supreme Court took a
hammer and chisel and slowly chipped away at it. - This gradual chipping away was tolerated because no one believed any state would criminalize abortion - or - if any did - it would only be a few. You see the interesting thing is - Americans - while they will react decisively in the face of a crisis, will nevertheless tolerate gradual trends - even if those trends are insidious."
An old white-haired women who, in her youth and middle-age, had fought an aggressive war in the 20th century for abortion rights, was the founder of the "Atwood" society, and now seemingly an outcast from the movement, said this - "A woman's movement was born in the mid 20th century - a woman's political movement which spread like a fire - burning the landscape built by men. - But our season changed - By the year 2000 a chill was developing. - Our spring only lasted two generations.

But - it only takes two generations. - It takes one generation to fight for a liberty - and it takes only one generation to lose it. People refuse to believe - that what is farfetched - can happen in just two generations. - When people do not have liberty they crave it, they cherish it. But once a generation obtains it - they then ignore it - they so much as place it on their doorstep to be snatched away. People will invest more energy in protecting their jewelry, than in protecting their liberty. Women not only placed their anatomical liberty on their doorstep, but they elected the people who snatched it away."
In the election of 2000, a Congress and a President both hostile to Roe vs. Wade, hostile to legal abortion, to contraceptives and family planning was elected.
President Bush has said he would do everything in his power to restrict abortions.
Ladies and Gentlemen, It's wrong and immoral to advocate for and allow the devastation to women's lives illegal abortion causes, the devastation "Abortion's Silenced Legacy," has allowed you to become so intimate with, here tonight - especially when there's a better way - when we have within our
power the means to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies.
Never forget - and like us - never doubt that Roe vs. Wade correctly and morally balanced the right to life of woman and fetus and no woman need ever be ashamed of her right to life and liberty.
Don't let your generation be the generation who thought it too far fetched to ever happen to them - ever happen in their lifetime.
We at Life and Liberty for Women wish to offer our thoughts and deepest sympathy to the survivors and bereaved family members who suffered unspeakable pain, sadness, and loss in the horrific September 11 terrorist attack upon this nation, in which thousands lost their lives. This surreal tragic event has shown all of us that what seems to far fetched - is never so.
Don't let arrogance, complacency, or just a busy life, snatch away the right to safe and legal abortion.
Each one of you has the power and the means to keep this horrific mistake of history - a mistake drenched in pain, blood and death from repeating itself.

Use your power   your donations are greatly appreciated