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The Spirit of Abortions Silenced Legacy introduces Mrs. Jones
After Dr. Smith Speaks
Turning to Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones, one woman in whose face and story you can see every woman who faced ending an intended unwanted pregnancy before Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion.
The fear, the desperation and the determination to control if, when, and how many children they would have, led women like Mrs. Jones to risk their health and life by attempting to self-induce an abortion or led them to seek underground and most often than not, a caring and skilled abortion provider providing safe but illegal abortions in secret.

Mrs. Jones and thousands upon thousands of women like her were forced to risk being arrested in raids upon those abortion providers, coerced into testifying against their provider, and being subjected to an outrageous violation of their medical confidentiality.
Women like Mrs. Jones risked being forced into degrading and humiliating exams for evidence against their abortion provider and risked exposure of their private sexual life in probing questions by male police officers and district attorneys in a public trial in a packed courtroom.
Threatened and intimidated by powerful men holding their future in their hands and determined to reaffirm their patriarchal power over women, their bodies, and their rights, women like Mrs. Jones were exposed to public trials in sexually charged courtrooms where
elicited testimony was elicited for it's erotic effect not its evidentiary contribution.
Mrs. Jones is a very brave woman. She's a very moral and righteous person. She made a morally correct decision; best for the potential life she was responsible for and best for herself when she made the decision to terminate her unintended pregnancy.
What happened to Mrs. Jones was unconscionable. She was desperate and determined to control her destiny.
Mrs. Jones and I were born into a country in which illegal abortion has never killed a man and the souls of women who have died from illegal abortion have been silenced. That's wrong. That's immoral.
Listen to her story. It too is the reality of illegal abortion.

(When Mrs. Jones is finished performing her script
The Spirit of Abortion's Silenced Legacy speaks again in Part 3.)   your donations are greatly appreciated