Life and Liberty for Women
  abortion safe and legal       today - tomorrow - forever
Life and Liberty for Women is a new non-profit organization dedicated to aggressive abortion rights education.
Life and Liberty for Women Proudly affirms that Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in this country, correctly and morally balanced the right to life and liberty of woman and fetus. We vow to honestly, proactively, and radically defend Roe vs. Wade.
Life and Liberty for Women believes that potential life is entitled to quality of life and it's never wrong or immoral for a woman to conclude that she can't provide that for her child or that she cannot give up her child for adoption.
Life and Liberty for Women will:
• Utilize a graphic and emotional drama that depicts the horrific sights and sounds of illegal abortion to educate the generations who have grown up since Roe vs. Wade.
Courageously engage in counter-demonstrations, displaying on the street corner those graphic sights of illegal abortion.
• Use newsletters, community outreach, radio, T.V., newspaper and magazine ads to make clear to post-Roe generations that illegal abortion harms and kills women and doesn't save "babies."
• Educate post-Roe generations that the only right and moral way to protect the life of women determined and desperate to terminate their unintended pregnancies - whether abortion is legal or not - is to combine accessible, safe, legal abortion services with abstinent-based age appropriate comprehensive sex education - more birth control research - greater birth control availability - and greater male responsibility in pregnancy prevention.
"Bush administration tries an end-around with abortion laws."
-excerpt from a February 2002 letter to the editor to the Loveland Reporter Herald
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