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About Abortion
by Charles Klamm, CSU Student
I seek true Resolution. This is for those who in life, aspire for more than simple consumption and procreation.
Each of us has individual paradigm's, and all of these finite beliefs manifest in our systems of interconnectivity. These are votes for what the truth about our reality should be; what society shall permit. The establishment of truth is based in individual Weltanschauungs. The hashing of workable social ethics can be accomplished many ways depending on the type of ethics involved. I believe the ethics behind the issue of abortion permeate the means of resolving the debate. For social justice to be solidly based in a resolved state, the bifurcated pundits of solutions need to conjoin. People need an understood agreement of maintainable social truth and justice. We could drug one side of the argument happy, or win the argument through a simple majority vote, but this does not solve the issue. A defined and mapped social argument of moral and ethical exploration,
relevancy and advocacy is necessary to satisfy the difficult challenge of intellectual resolution. To accomplish this soundly is a serious undertaking, requiring honest explanations of intentions, ethics, and desired nature of a resolved social structure.
Treating abortion as a contained issue negates all the motivating factors for those involved, it is holistic. The very factors that frame and referentially appraise the morality of abortion, give cause to the tricky situations that real people face. To ignore the systemic causes and battle over symptomatic treatment methods is to choose a war of superior knowledge rather than attempt a real resolution of such. Though idealism allows abortion to be black and white, we live in gray times, times that call for gray answers. The social and economic factors of life do change how the question of abortion is felt and justified by many; this will change, as society actualizes our better ideals, ideals that we should all be able to contribute to.

I do know, that until we can take care of the children already born, the 6.2
billion people on this planet, one child born may feel loved and wanted, while
many may be left to die, like the millions we leave to tragic lives every year.

Personal affirmations validate and establish meaning and purpose in people's lives. This is good when it is, but it also creates the largest inhibitor of a resolution, the individual's egoistic grounding. Of course, everyone believes they are right, and if everyone else could just 'see what they see', life would be good. Still, no one proffers his or her idiolect foundation conferment to a social construction-crew; it's akin to peeking in Pandora's box. Very few people trust their neighbors, not leaving personal possessions outside, much less confer to them assistance with their personal beliefs. Knowing that people are separated, a mapping of the people and reasons involved for their position on abortion will truly help illuminate who is offering what, and why. These individual goals of how people moralize abortion can provide better understandings of what abortion means. Groups can be found and illustrated, varied and diverse understandings, laid out with knowledge of other arguments. The simple blanket answers to this situation, that jerry-build the home and foundation of the American way, will be revealed. Resorting to battles of name-calling, nit picking, and worst of all, physical violence or intimidation will be stymied as people realize that these naive approaches perpetuate troubles and ignorance. We will see that all de facto crusades connotatively convey
actualized omniscience and without a satisfactory translation, meaning resolution, these crusades will not absolve all cognizable arguments.
I seek resolution, what is your desired end? I personally believe that Abortion should be a rare and limited use procedure. I hope we can evolve to the point where as a people we are strong honest folks, who have created a supportive system for everyone involved, thus making the decision to continue with a pregnancy less about money or hardship, and more about the opportunity to share the world with a new person. To accomplish a citizenry homogenous enough in belief for this to happen means answering some historically argued and fractioning questions. It also means eliminating the cracks that people fall through. We vote for the cracks by supporting companies, politics, and even the outdated political process that allows destitution. A society of winners and losers will always be wrought with complications and troubles. I do know, that until we can take care of the children already born, the 6.2 billion people on this planet, one child born may feel loved and wanted, while many may be left to die, like the millions we leave to tragic lives every year. If every child is important, help make this manifest, do not allow any person anywhere to be denied a decent life.

Abortions are not inherently good;
they are the result of an unjust society.

Once we can and do take good care of all people, only then can we answer the questions that will referentiate our accepted social ethic. At that time, everyone will know that our society does care about all of us; that we as a people, as humans, care about all of us, not just the cute moldable ones. Gender roles can then be figured, articulated, argued, as much as gender makes a difference. Systems of support and growth development can be instituted for all. Pregnancy should not mean the end of peoples opportunities for self-development, it should not mean the loss of the parents life just to support a child, a child who might fall into the same downward spiral. It will mean that people will have the resources to avoid most of the situations that contribute to people wanting abortions today. Abortions are not inherently good; they are the result of an unjust society.
I leave you with some questions to consider: Is sexual intercourse permissible for any purpose other than procreation? If yes, is their any recompense for failed birth control? If no, do individuals have a duty to ensure that the
children they produce do not over tax the sustainable resources of the planet, societies, and a respectable amount of liberty and freedom for all others? Does coitus necessarily establish a hosting contract of symbiotic gestational duty? If yes, is a paternalistic society justifiable? If no, at what point can a woman choose to quit hosting a human en-process? Should quality of life be a factor in the decision to allow more people to be born? Do we have an obligation to voluntarily limit the population of the earth? Should women have the reserved right to decide their symbiotic role? Can society rightfully intercede specific birth quantities to women/families? Should the right of the unborn forming human supersede that of the existing woman? In all cases; including rape, incest, and imminent health dangers to the woman? Is lack of population control, causing extreme competition of resources, energy liberty and justice, a just cause for abortion? A cause for change in what kind of society we are?
In Peace,
Charles Klamm

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