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Defending Women's Rights - January 2005
Life and Liberty for Women has two protests scheduled for January 2005. We will be protesting the exploitation of fetal remains by members of the Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church.
Friday 1/28/05 10am - 2pm
3395 Penrose Place
Boulder, CO
Sunday 1/30/05 7am - 1pm
The Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church
6739 S. Boulder Rd.
Boulder, CO
Bring signs that let people know the mortuary acted unethically, immorally, and with deception which makes them untrustworthy. No matter what one thinks of abortion, what they did was wrong and they know it.
We will have signs or bring your own and we will be displaying our graphic pictures of illegal abortion. These people need to see that making abortion illegal won't stop it or save 'babies" but will maim and kill women.

You may have been following what unfolded in Boulder, Colorado last week. It has made the national news. The Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church went public saying Crist Mortuary in Boulder had been giving the church cremated remains of fetuses from Dr. Warren Hern's Boulder abortion clinic, so they could bury them in a religious ceremony at a cemetery the church owns. They have been doing this since 1996 obtaining the remains from Howe Mortuary in Lafayette, Colorado and Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado and now Crist Mortuary in Boulder. According to Dr. Hern he had a contract with Crist to cremate the remains and bury them in their cemetery. But Crist, without the knowledge of or permission of Dr. Hern, gave the remains to the church, breaking, according to Dr. Hern, the contract they had. The Catholic Church emboldened by the excitement of a second Bush term and the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade disclosed this outrageous exploitation of the women Dr. Hern took great care of and who had no knowledge of nor gave permission for this transfer of remains or the burial by anti-abortion extremists. The Catholic Church also exploited, disrespected, and violated, for their extreme anti-abortion political agenda, the remains of fetuses they claim they care so much about.
That's unconscionable. These extremists only care about their anti-abortion political agenda. They don't care about women and there's no more positive proof of that than what they did here, going behind the back of at least three thousand women and in a sense "stealing" the remains of their miscarried fetuses and fetuses they were forced to abort because their fetuses were incompatible with life; fetuses with fetal anomalies, and performing a religious ceremony never sanctioned by the women they claim to care about.
That's outrageous, unethical, immoral, unconscionable, a sin, and just plain wrong. Who do these people think they are?!
You can't call yourself a Christian or a good Catholic nor have any shred or semblance of credibility if you, in the name of an extreme anti-abortion political agenda say the means justifies the end - which is exactly what Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder did. God is not behind people who would act so immorally for a political agenda - and one he doesn't support!

Please join us for these protests
In the event you are unable to join us please send a generous financial donation to help defray our costs.
Thank you
Peggy Loonan,
Founder and executive director,
Life and Liberty for Women
Life and Liberty for Women
A 501 c 3 non-profit Abortion Rights Organization based in Fort Collins, CO
Life and Liberty for Women
PO Box 271778
Fort Collins, CO 80527-1778
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