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Our History of Defending Women's Rights
Life and Liberty for Women will courageously engage in counter-demonstrations, displaying on the street corner graphic sights of illegal abortion - challenging anti-abortion individuals with the reality of illegal abortion that they have - up to now - been successful at ignoring. They aren't shy about displaying their graphic pictures of allegedly aborted fetuses and we can no longer be shy about displaying - on the street corner - the sights of the consequences of illegal abortion.

28th Anniversary of Roe -vs- Wade in Fort Collins, Colorado   January 2001
Anti-abortion extremists gathered inside this local Fort Collins, Colorado church to protest the 28th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.
Board member Julie Maslowski and Life and Liberty for Women's founder and executive director, Peggy Loonan stand in the freezing cold with one of LLW's graphic pictures of illegal abortion - Her name was Gerri. She died in 1964 - the way most women died before Roe vs. Wade - from a self-induced illegal abortion.
Two gentlemen came out of the church and approached Julie and Peggy. They said they would be coming out with their children shortly to march to downtown Fort Collins, and they asked Peggy and Julie to cover their graphic
scan in original to make a better image
picture. Peggy and Julie refused saying parents could steer their children away from the picture or explain it to them.

Halloween Hell House in Arvada, Colorado   October 12, 2001
  In October Life and Liberty for Women led a protest at what has been commonly called in Colorado "The Halloween Hell House." It is a "haunted house" of sorts that graphically depicts the "sin" of being gay and the "sin" of abortion among others. Life and Liberty for Women were at the "Abundant Life Christian Center" at 7100 Wadsworth Blvd. in Arvada Colorado, a western suburb of Denver for 13 days and what an experience it was!!
Board member Julie Maslowski and founder and executive director, Peggy Loonan were out on the first night, Friday October 12, with a young local high school student. They were immediately approached by two older male teens from the church. These male teens proceeded to hold a couple of Peggy and Julie's signs and pictures for them while they "preached" at Peggy and Julie and tried to engage them.  
  This was a silent protest and after exchanging a few niceties, Peggy and Julie declined to engage them. At one point they stood in front of Peggy and Julie's signs but stopped when they were asked to. While Peggy and the young teen woman chatted, one of the teen boys stood as close as one can without being intimate and held one of his graphic brochures in front of Peggy and the young teen girl.
On the Friday, October 19, many other volunteers joined Peggy and Julie and this night those two teenage boys returned along with some others from the church. These teenage boys were allowed and or sent by parents and the church leadership to harass and attempt to engage in conversation Life and Liberty for Women's volunteers. These teens stepped in front of the protesters signs until they were standing in a lane of traffic on Wadsworth Blvd., a six-lane highway. When police arrived they said they couldn't tell the protesters or the teens where to stand and if the teens were injured that was their choice.  
  Unbelievable!! Peggy wrote a letter to the editor to the local Arvada Sentinel Newspaper (see: "They Said.We Say.) criticizing parents and the church for allowing minors out there unsupervised. The danger they placed themselves in and Life and Liberty for Women's volunteers was inexcusable from those who champion "parental rights" and parental consent for abortion, don't you think? They believe that every conceived child must be born and then they send them out alone to harass abortion rights supporters, go figure!!
On Friday October 26, Peggy and several volunteers were approached this evening by a drunk 60's biker who proceeded to walk over their signs that were lying on the ground. He was vulgar and threatening. Life and Liberty for Women's volunteers began to videotape the man while Peggy called police but the man retreated into the church before police arrived. When the police arrived so did some individuals from the local press. That brought out individuals from the church, several  
dressed as the devil - they were the tour guides for the "haunted house." They chanted and got in front of Life and Liberty for Women's video camera until police asked them to disperse.
An hour or so later, this 200lb biker returned with a 300lb friend and once again began harassing and threatening Life and Liberty for Women volunteers. Though called again, police never responded a second time. Instead, Peggy stepped between this man and her volunteers, while his buddy looked on and
Peggy and the volunteers tried to calm him down. Eventually they were able to calm the intruder down and he left.
The protest was a great success and many Life and Liberty for Women volunteers turned out! Other organizations also joined Life and Liberty for Women, including CSU NARAL and Freethought of Colorado.

Life and Liberty for Women wishes to say thank you to all the volunteers who participated and the organizations who joined us.
Thank You
Save these dates for 2003 Life and Liberty for Women protests
We will be counterdemonstrating at the anti-abortion Roe vs. Wade anniversary event in 2003 at the Denver Capitol Building on the east side of Lincoln Street from 1-3pm.
For more information or to sign up to be a part of our protests:
or call 970-217-7577   your donations are greatly appreciated