Life and Liberty

For Women

What We Believe

  • Roe vs. Wade CORRECTLY and MORALLY balanced the RIGHT to LIFE and LIBERTY of Woman and Fetus through the trimester framework.

  • Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness” guaranteed by the US Constitution, gives every woman and every couple a zone of privacy within their home…within their bedroom… and within their doctor’s office to make reproductive decisions from if and when they will have a child, if and what birth control method they choose to YES even their decision to terminate a pregnancy within the framework of Roe v. Wade

  • Abortion has existed since the beginning of time and abortion will exist till the end of time, regardless of the untiring efforts of the anti-abortion community to attempt to legislate it out of existence.

  • Abortion will always be a choice for women, no law withstanding. The only question is, will that choice be legal, safe, and accessible or will it be a choice forced back into the underground again where safety of the procedure is surrendered to the clandestine nature of the underground.

  • ALL Three Options to and unintended pregnancy; Adoption, Parenting, Abortion, are viable MORAL options. All three options to an unintended pregnancy have life-long consequences. Women must be allowed to make their own decision about an unintended pregnancy based on their own set of religious and moral values. Whatever decision a woman makes about her unintended pregnancy, (adoption, parenting, abortion) IT IS THE RIGHT decision for her based on the circumstances that surround her in that moment.

  • Life and Liberty for Women believes that protecting the right to safe and legal abortion in line with Roe vs. Wade, is going to take more from the pro-choice community than the standard messaging, “it’s her body, her choice,” or “a woman’s right to choose.” The messaging must revolve around the consequences to women’s lives, including incarceration and death if abortion is criminalized again. Messaging must SHOW women what illegal abortion looked like in the past in this country and what it will look like now if Roe is overturned. Messaging should respond in kind to anti-abortion pictures of alleged aborted fetuses with pictures of what ILLEGAL abortion looks like, which LLW has done with success. A picture is always worth a thousand words. A more aggressive approach to messaging from the pro-choice community is a must in the political climate of today which is becoming ever more hostile to the right of reproductive privacy, the right of women to have an abortion, and the right of women to access all female hormonal birth control.

  • Contraceptive access reduces the need for abortion. Contraceptives do not cause an abortion as the anti-abortion community wrongly claims.

  • Abstinence-based comprehensive sex education helps teens to make better choices about whether to, or not to, engage in a sexual relationship. This sex education model also provides teens with contraceptive information, STD and HIV information and has shown to be effective in reducing teenage sexual activity and teen pregnancy thereby reducing teen abortion rates. Abstinence-only until marriage sex education is fear-based, medically inaccurate, and ineffective in reducing teenage pregnancy.